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Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure – How To Claim These Awesome Rewards

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure – How To Claim These Awesome Rewards.

Have you ever played the Genshin Impact nameless treasure hidden quests and want to get more rewards from gathering the treasure items? Do not worry, as this might be the guide you need to acquire specific loot and get rewards that make playing the game easier and fun. Read on to learn more about the nameless treasure, where to find them, how to trade to get the desired rewards.

The Quests at Genshin Impact

You can find some Nameless treasures in different parts of the Genshin Impact game. On your quests in these regions, you would find a quest Nameless Treasurers. However, one treasure does little by itself, and it would be wise to collect about three or more as they can be powerful in solving the mysteries in the game.

You can find all the three treasures at Qingxu Pool, Lingju Pas, and Dinyu Ruins. However, you will not collect the treasures easily, and you might need to search for puzzles and complete quests. All these locations are found at West Lingju City of Mt. Tianheng.

Qingxu Pool

You will find your first travel to the Quingxu Pool to find the first treasure, and you will find a stone tablet at the location. You will utilize the skills of a Geo character in your team to complete the hidden treasures. Moreover, if you do not have Noelle and Ningguang in your team, it would be wise to travel to the Geo Element located at the Statue of Seven to acquire these important characters.

With the characters on your party, you can locate the Nameless Treasure using a map to guide you to the specific location. You will see different rocks surrounded by water at the location, and you should pick the 5 Geo signs using the power of the Geo characters.

Their power will guide you to the five seals, which you activate with the power of the Geo characters, and the Geo elemental damage dealer will protect your power, and it is better if you know how to use this skill. The power seal will open, spawning near the stone tablet upon activation using the Geo elements. You will find the first Nameless Treasure reward in the chest, and you will need to use Geo sigils at the top of a number of the pillars.

You might note that the sigils might be stubborn, and you would try several times to activate them successfully. However, you can easily activate the sigils if you have access to the power of the Geo characters. Successful activation of the sigils will offer treasure chest spawns at the top of the ruins, and the Genshin Impact nameless treasures will be in the treasure chest.

Lingju Pass

You will find the second treasure at Lingju Pass, a location easily locatable in the Genshin Impact. At the location will see NPC captured by hoarders, and you will need to defeat the hoarders to get to the treasure. After defeating these hoarders, there will be a treasure chest close to a key that unlocks the NPC.

The NPC gives the right area of the second treasure, and you will travel to the area and dig up the treasure. However, to acquire the treasure, you might need to use Geo element pedestals first, sealed in different puzzles. Completing the puzzles activates the pedals at the foot of the stairs to the ruins. You will notice some explosive seeds underneath the Golden tree, which need detonation using the pedestals.

On the left-hand side, two pressure plates will be activated when standing facing the ruins under the tree using the Geo Traveler’s Elemental Skill. While standing in the same position, you will use an Anemo to blow the clover-shaped on the right hand, which activates another pedestal. The pedestal will make the Lake’s center updraft allowing you to reach the final pedestal on the floating platform above the Lake.

Next, you will rescue the NPC held by the hoarders by fighting the kidnappers and finding the key one of them holds, which frees the NPC, which sends you to the other side of the quest that leads you to the treasure, and you will find the treasure chest which has the treasure under the golden tree at the center of the Lake.

Dinyu Ruins

You will find the last treasure at the Dinyu Ruins located within the Genshin Impact, and it might not be easy to locate it as it is found underwater. You will need a GEO and Pyro character in your party to find the Dinyu Ruins at the bottom of the flooded water, and the first step is to drain the crater.

Use a Geo torch to explore the ruins above the water; upon lighting the torch, the water will disappear, and you might have to follow the seelies floating towards the treasurer. A shield will protect the bottom of the Lake, and you will need to break the seal first. The three seelies will break the shield, but the seelies will fly when you get close, and you will have to follow it. Once you capture the seelies the shield will break, and you will collect the third Genshin Impact nameless treasure.

How to Find the Reward from the Treasures

After finding the three nameless treasures, a prompt will appear that will recommend buyers for the treasurers. However, you should return to Lingju and Qingxu and talk with the merchants to find the right price for the treasurers. If an antique shop appears, you can offer the treasures a reward. You might get interesting snippets of lore; if you choose to trade, you might receive 10,000 Mora, a bunch of adventure points, and Primogems, which you can put towards your next gacha banner draws.

Final Thoughts

Genshin impact video has three nameless treasures found in a different location, such as Quinqxu Pool. Lingju Pass and Dinyu Ruins. You can get different points and rewards if you collect these mysterious treasures and trade them with merchants. However, you should complete some puzzles and quests to obtain the treasures. Good luck playing the game and getting the rewards that propel you further into the game and allow you to get more interesting experiences in the game.

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