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The Most Ideal Genshin Impact Lisa Build Guide

The Most Ideal Genshin Impact Lisa Build Guide.

Trying to find the very best Genshin Impact Lisa build? The main curator of the Knights of Favonius is just one of the free of cost personalities that you can easily uncover quite early right into the video game. She is actually predominantly a help personality that is experts in Electro potentials as well as skill-sets, while bring upon a standing condition that increases the harm foes take when reached through subsequential super harm.

Contrasted to the remainder of the Electro personalities, Lisa isn’t among the greatest personalities in Genshin Impact, yet the crucial difference below is actually that she is actually additionally totally free to unlock, indicating you will not must make use of outlet acquisitions to uncover her. When reviewed versus the remainder of the cost-free Genshin Impact personalities, she is actually possibly some of the much better ones, and also her Electro capabilities are actually a major portion of that.

This is actually the finest Lisa build if you are actually appearing for a suitable means to sustain your group. It is actually largely paid attention to magnificent adversaries along with making use of her abilities, while strengthening either her assault or even the amount of power she can easily restore. Allow’s receive to the build at that point, shall our experts?


The greatest build for Lisa is actually an assistance build paid attention to equipping her Important Ruptured capacity. It is actually specifically beneficial for taking care of managers, however you regretfully will not be actually receiving way too much from it because of the conductive standing affliction being actually taken out after every had switch ruptured strike. Still, there are actually an entire lot of things that you ought to look at outfitting.

Outfitting the Skyward Directory is actually the technique to go if you really want to aim Lisa in the direction of damages result. It boosts Lisa’s essential harm through a substantial portion, while additionally permitting her typical assaults to get a fifty% odds to produce clouds that look for close-by foes for 15 few seconds. They can easily seem at the very least when every 30 secs, and also package at least 160% of Lisa’s assault harm. When improved completely, this goes as higher as 320%.

On the contrary, you might desire to outfit the Favonius Codex to assist replenish electricity promptly. Vital favorites contend the very least a 60% odds (around one hundred%) to produce an essential sphere. This replenishes 6 power for the role as well as takes place a minimum of when every 12 few seconds, or even up to 6 few seconds when totally updated.

For the Artefacts, you might go major on Noblesse Oblige for a significant twenty% increase to Elemental Ruptured damages and also the potential to boost your politician’s assault through twenty% for 12 secs (regretfully this performs certainly not pile).

Choosing for the Rumbling Frenzy collection provides a level 15% Electro damages perk, as well as additionally enhances the Genshin Impact essential response harm triggered through the Overload, Electro-Charged, as well as Superconduct through 40% as soon as every 0.8 few seconds. Inducing any one of these results reduces important ability cooldowns through one next. If you are actually merely enjoying with cost-free personalities, Amber and also Kaeya give loads of odds to set off both Superconduct as well as Overload, so the Roaring Frenzy collection costs buying when you can.


  • Normal attack: Execute around 4 lightning attacks that handle Electro damages.
  • Charged attack: Eats a particular volume of strength to handle area-of-effect Electro harm after a brief spreading opportunity.
  • Plunging attack: Lisa dives in the direction of the ground coming from mid-air, harming all adversaries in her road, working area-of-effect Electro harm when she strikes the ground.


Pushing the switch discharges a homing super eye. When the sphere reaches its own aim at, it gives Electro harm as well as uses a pile of a “conductive” condition health problem to opponents in a tiny area-of-effect. This result may be accumulated to 3 opportunities.

When accommodating the switch, after an extensive spreading opportunity, super will certainly attack adversaries coming from the heavens, giving a big quantity of Electro damages to close-by adversaries. The screws will certainly handle additional damages based upon the conductive standing, yet are going to additionally get rid of all heaps of the condition health problem coming from the foe upon all of them taking harm.


Mobilize a Lightning Rose that lets loose lightning bolts that encompass opponents and also handle Electro harm. This are going to consistently send out super to take back foes, handling Electro damages for just as long as it continues.


  • Infinite Circuit: Lisa recuperates 2 power for each challenger favorite while supporting Violet Arc. There is actually a max of 10 power that could be regrowed through this at any sort of once.
  • Electromagnetic Field: Holding Violet Arc raises protection through 25% as well as Lisa’s protection to disruption.
  • Resonant Thunder: Rises the degree of Lightning Rose through 3, approximately a max of 15.
  • Plasma Eruption: Boosts the variety of lightning bolts discharged through Lightning Rose through a variety of one to 3.
  • Electrocute: Rises the amount of Violet Arc through 3, around a max of 15.
  • Pulsating Witch: When Lisa needs to the industry, she administers 3 bundles of Violet Arc’s conductive standing onto neighboring foes. As soon as every 5 secs, this result happens.


  • Induced Aftershock: Favorites through dashed strikes utilize Violet Arc’s conductive standing to foes.
  • Static Electricity Field: Adversaries attacked through Lightning Rose have their support deducted 15% for 10 secs.
  • General Pharmaceutics: When Lisa crafts a remedy, she possesses a twenty% possibility to return a section of the components made use of to craft it.

This is actually the most effective Genshin Impact Lisa build our experts have actually experimented with until now. Most of personalities perform call for jumping in to the purchase an opportunity to uncover all of them. Be actually certain to inspect out the finest Ganyu develops if you cope with to obtain the most recent Cryo personality. Our company likewise possess plenty extra personality quick guides for Anemo personalities, consisting of the very best Venti build and also ideal Jean build, specifically.

For some of the much better Geo personalities, our team additionally possess the most ideal Albedo build that you may utilize to grow stunning, however, high-damaging blooms. Why certainly not examine out our greatest Klee build for eruptive wrongdoings, or even the greatest Diluc constructs if you favor dicing and also cutting along with ablaze sabers.

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Absolute Best Artifacts & Defense For Lisa In Genshin Impact

Lisa is actually normally placed as a mid-level or even reduced status on Genshin Impact’s rate checklists, she is actually pretty helpful early in the activity. The most effective Artefacts for Lisa concern the Noblesse Oblige specified. Along with 2 of these Artefacts geared up, Lisa is going to possess her Important Ruptured DMG boost through twenty%. Along with 4 aspect of the collection outfitted, the Elemental Ruptured are going to likewise boost all politician’ ATK through twenty% for 12 few seconds. An even more typical Artefact collection is actually the Expatriation collection, which are going to enhance Electricity Recharge through twenty%. Every Elemental Ruptured restores 2 Power for every gathering participant for a handful of secs if 4 things in the Expatriation Artifacts collection is actually furnished.

A glass of wine and also Track creates an excellent spellbook for Lisa, because it improves ATK and also SPD based upon the number of politician are actually coming from Mondstadt. This may rapidly come to be out-of-date as additional Genshin Impact personalities sign up with gamers’ lineups. The Favonius Codex produces the ideal item for Lisa considering that of this. This item leads to vital smash hits to create Elemental Orbs, along with each Sphere recovering 6 Power. This is actually excellent for making use of Lisa’s effective Elemental Break in promptly progression.

Lisa might be actually switched out through extra highly effective signs eventually on, she is actually really valuable in the very early phases of Genshin Impact. Possessing the most ideal personality build for Lisa is actually the essential to stringing simple Essential Ruptureds together. Along with these frames, Lisa’s AoE spells are going to lead to a lot more damages.

Appearing for the greatest Lisa build? If you are actually appearing for a nice method to sustain your crew, after that this is actually the absolute best Genshin Impact Lisa build. The absolute best build for Lisa is actually a help build centered on equipping her Important Ruptured capacity. The greatest Artefacts for Lisa belong to the Noblesse Oblige prepared. Possessing the finest personality build for Lisa is actually the vital to stringing fast Important Ruptureds one after the additional.

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